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Seven Levels of Human Motivation

There are seven stages in human development.Each stage has a motivational purpose, a corresponding psychological strategy, and different ways of making decisions.

Seven Levels of Human Motivation

Level 1: Survival motivation

The first level of human motivation is concerned with physiological survival. We need clean air, food and water to keep our bodies alive and healthy. We also need to keep ourselves safe from harm and injury. The motivation or our ego at this level of consciousness is self-preservation. Whenever we feel threatened or insecure physically or economically, we shift into survival consciousness.

Level 2: Relationship motivation

The second level of human motivation is concerned with relationships that engender a sense of emotional belonging. We learn very quickly as young children that if we don’t belong we cannot survive. We also learn that in order to belong we need to be loved. When we are loved unconditionally, we develop a healthy sense of relationship consciousness. We like ourselves because we grew up feeling loved for who we are.

Level 3: Self-esteem motivation

The third level of human motivation is concerned with self-esteem and self-worth. We need to feel good about ourselves and respected by others; not just our immediate family, but also by our peers. We build a healthy sense of self-esteem when we are young by spending quality time with our parents, and receiving praise and acknowledgement from them—praise for trying, not just for winning. People with a healthy sense of self-esteem take pride in themselves and in their performance. 

Level 4: Transformation motivation

The fourth level of human motivation is concerned with managing, mastering or releasing the subconscious fears that keep you focused on the first three levels of consciousness, and the search for your true authentic self. It is about understanding who you are as a separate unique individual without your parental and cultural conditioning. It is a time for expressing yourself without fear, and it is a time to start the process of uncovering your soul.

Level 5: Internal cohesion motivation

The fifth level of human motivation is concerned with finding your meaning in existence by uncovering your soul purpose. What we focus on at this level of conscious is finding an answer to the question, “Why am I here—in this life, in this body and in this situation?” For some, this may appear to be a daunting inquiry. For others, those who were gifted with a particular talent, it may be obvious. If you are not sure or don’t know your soul purpose, simply focus on what you love to do, follow your joy, develop your talents and pursue your passion. This will eventually lead you to where you need to be to fulfil your destiny. 

Level 6: Making a difference motivation

The sixth level of human motivation is to make a difference in the world that surrounds you. It is pointless having a purpose that gives your life meaning if you don’t do anything about it. You quickly learn that the difference you can make is much bigger if you collaborate with others who share a similar purpose or are aligned with your cause. This is where all the work you have done in learning how to manage, master or release the emotions associated with your subconscious fear-based beliefs pays off. The more easily you are able to connect and empathise with others, the easier it is to collaborate.

Level 7: Service motivation

The seventh level of human motivation is selfless service to the cause that is the object of your soul purpose. This occurs when making a difference becomes a way of life. You are now fully imbued with your soul purpose and are living as a soul-infused personality. You are at ease with uncertainty. You will need time for quiet and reflection. You embrace humility and compassion, and you live and breathe your purpose every moment of your day. You know that there is nothing else for you to do with your life. Your ego and your soul are completely merged. 


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