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Foundational Learning Modules

The basic premise behind the New Leadership Paradigm  Learning System is that 21st century leaders will need to be skilled in leading themselves before they can be effective in leading others. 

Furthermore, the 21st century leaders need to be skilled at leading a team before they can be effective at leading an organisation.  This is true for both the private and public sector organisations.

For this reason, the Leading Self module is a foundational learning programme for everyone who aspires to lead a team.

Similarly, the Leading a Team learning module is a foundational learning programme for every individual who aspires to be the leader of an organisation or a the leader in society. Preferably, leaders in society should also be skilled in leading an organisation.

In the context of the New leadership paradigm  Learning System, the term “leadership development” refers to a process for supporting individuals in their personal and professional growth so they can fulfil their potential by becoming all they can become, and thereby find personal fulfilment.

The focus of leadership development should always be on supporting individuals in their own evolution and by this means supporting the evolution of the organisation or society in which they operate.


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Chapter 4: Implications for Leaership Development