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User License

Each person participating in the learning programme will need to buy the text book—The New Leadership Paradigm—and also purchase a license to download the Journal and Workbook for the module they are studying. 

The license fee gives you the right to receive free upgrades of the Journal and Workbook you have purchased for a two year period. If you want to continue to receive upgrades after that time, you will need to purchase another two-year license. 

If you are financially challenged or work with groups that cannot afford the materials, we will send you a downloadable copy of these materials free of charge. 

Every one using the New Paradigm Learning system will be required to provide their email address, city and country of residence when they purchase a license.

The reasons for this are threefold. First, the email address will allow them to be kept informed of upgrades to the materials; second, the email address will allow us to contact people in specific areas to see if they want to form a local study group; and third, at some future date we may explore the possibility of expanding the functionality of the Web site to link participants in the programme so they can form an interactive learning community with knowledge sharing.

Whenever the workbooks call for participants to obtain feedback about their performance, various alternatives surveys and methods are suggested, some of which may include using commercially available products. Some of these products are free others may involve a charge. The charge involved in using of such products is not covered by the license fee.  


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