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The benefits of using the TNLP learning system in your organisation are many. Click on Websites to find out how you can save costs and at the same time increase the number of people who can participate in your leadership development programmes.

Internal change agents can use the New leadership paradigm  Learning System inside their organisations in the following way.

Each internal change agent will need to purchase a copy of the book and an individual licence for themselves and each of the participants in the programme for the modules they want to facilitate.

The programme can be fully facilitated, or partly facilitated and partly self-directed. We would suggest that if it is partly facilitated that groups of participants meet every 4 to 6 weeks to report on their progress and share the results of some or all of the exercises they have completed during the intervening time period.

Each participant should have the Workbook and Leadership Journal on their own computer and will be able to access the resources they need from The New Leadership Paradigm Web site.

Facilitators are not obliged to use all the materials in their training programmes. They can customise the programmes by adding or deleting specific exercises as appropriate for the organisation, the group, and the local culture they are working in.


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