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Your Leading Self Journal

In order to facilitate your progress and keep track of your personal evolution you can download the New Leadership Paradigm, Leading Self Journal and Workbook.

Here are the principal chapter headings contained in the Leading Self journal:

Section 1: The Journey section explores the past to the present. Where you have been and
where you are now.

Section 2: The Potential section explores the possibilities for the future—who you can become, and
where you want to go.

Section 3: The Challenges section explores the reality of where you are now and the hurdles you have to overcome.

Section 4: The Mastery section explores the way you manage your day-to-day reality so you can get the outcomes you need to get to where you want to go.

Section 5: The Evolution section explores your evolutionary progress—your latest feedback/performance measures, and your commitments to continued growth and learning.

Section 6: The Self-coaching section supports your evolutionary progress by providing a checklist of actions you can take when you are confronted by specific issues.



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