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Ego Mind

The human ego-mind is the personality’s natural response system for protecting its image and beliefs about itself (internal stability), and protecting the physical body (the ego’s vehicle) from external threats (external equilibrium).

Unlike the body-mind which focuses on flight or fight, the ego mind has found an alternative way of responding known as the General Adaptive Syndrome. This way of responding can leave you in a semi-permanent state of anxiety which can eventually cause stress.

The ego mind comes to your assistance in dealing with matters that concern your deficiency needs—your physical survival needs, your emotional safety needs and your emotional self-esteem needs.  We gain no sense of lasting satisfaction by satisfying our deficiency needs, but we feel a sense of anxiety, driven by the ego’s fears, when we believe these needs are not being met.

We are happy when we get our ego needs met, but the happiness is often transient. When the ego-mind makes a decision, it usually takes precedence over the needs of the soul.


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