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Body Mind

The human body-mind is the body’s natural response system for maintaining homeostasis (internal stability), and protecting itself from external threats (external equilibrium) such as the healing of wounds and combating infections, thereby meeting its physiological needs.

It also comes to our assistance in managing bodily functions, and dealing with life threatening situations. It regulates the working of our bodies, and will cause us to act with urgency when the survival of our body is compromised.

When the body-mind makes a decision, it normally takes precedence over the satisfying the needs of the ego and the soul.

You cannot resist satisfying the body’s need for liquid, food, defecating, urinating, and breathing for long periods of time, no matter what else is happening in your life. If you do, you will feel very uncomfortable, and eventually compromise the ability of your body to sustain life.

The body-mind is trained to protect your life. When threats arise, your body will immediately prepare you for a flight or fight response, by putting you in a state of internal stress.


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Chapter 6: Understanding Decisoin-making