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External Equilibrium

External equilibrium refers to your ability, and your body’s ability to survive and prosper in your physical environment. You experience a lack of external equilibrium when:

  • You are not able to meet your physiological survival needs—clean water, food, warmth, shelter, safety, etc.
  • Your body is not able to cope with the challenges of your changing external environment—too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, etc.

You know you are failing to meet your survival needs when you feel life has become a struggle; you feel stressed; you are anxious about your finances; you are anxious about your security or safety, and you seem to be constantly focused on trying to find ways to make ends meet and earn more money.

You know your body is failing to meet the challenges of its external environment when you feel physical discomfort, lack of energy, sickness, pain, or you are making frequent visits to your doctor’s office.


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