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The Journey

Learning to lead yourself is a journey—a journey in the evolution of your personal consciousness.

The route you will be taking is represented by the seven levels of personal consciousness, and the major checkpoints along the route are represented by the universal stages of evolution.

Every time you raise your awareness to a new level of consciousness, you will shift the way in which you handle issues. For example, the way you handle relationship issues when you are operating from the ego levels of consciousness, and the way you handle relationships issues when you are operating from the soul levels of consciousness are completely different because the values that drive your decision-making at the soul level are different from the beliefs that drive your decision-making at the ego level. The needs of the ego are different from the needs of the soul.

The true test of how far you have progressed on your journey—how well you have mastered your personal evolution, is the way in which you handle adversity. When adversity strikes do you descend into fear, and react or respond with “I” based behaviours or do you pause, consider the bigger picture, take things in your stride, consider what is best for the common good and then respond with understanding, compassion and love.

Each time you shift your vantage point to a higher level of consciousness you will see your life differently. You will not only expand your sense of identity, you will also see subtle changes occurring in what you value and what you believe. The purpose of the self-leadership programme is to guide you through the different stages of your growth so that you can lead a fulfilling life. This is not only good for you; it is good for your family, your friends, your colleagues, and humanity. 

Because you are aware that you are aware, and can examine the content of your own consciousness, and because you can measure where you are on your personal evolutionary journey, and can monitor your progress, you have the possibility of making the evolution of your personal consciousness conscious.

The only choice we have is between “conscious evolution” and “unconscious evolution.”  Unconscious evolution is the default choice. It is going to happen whether you sign up for personal evolution or not: it is the natural way that life unfolds. Signing up for conscious personal evolution makes the process so much easier and successful because you know where you are going, and you know what to expect.

If you choose conscious evolution you will be able to accelerate your evolutionary journey because you will have a map of the territory and the tools to guide you along your way.


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