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Reducing Stress

Even though at times it may seem like it, stress is not an incurable disease. It is something you can reduce, and eventually eliminate.

Before eliminating it, you will have to learn to how to manage it. As you become more skilled at managing it, it will gradually dissipate.  The personal mastery component of the Leading Self module of the New leadership paradigm  Learning System includes specific exercises for understanding and reducing the stress in your life.

If you are in a workplace setting, some of the things you might want to try to that could reduce stress are:

  • Ensure that your workload is in line with your capabilities and resources.
  • Find ways to change what you do so that it provides meaning, stimulation, and opportunities for you to use your skills.
  • Have your boss clearly define your role and responsibilities.
  • Speak to your boss about having opportunities to participate in decisions that affect your job.
  • Improve communications and reduce uncertainty about your career development.
  • Look for opportunities to increase your level of social interaction among your co-workers.
  • Make sure your work schedule is compatible with demands and responsibilities you have outside your job.

There are various commercial approaches to reducing stress: a) through meditation, and b) through biofeedback.


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