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Self Witnessing

Most people experience the joys and sorrows of the ego and the soul, but they do not question them. They do not question where their thoughts, emotions and feelings are coming from. They are unable to get a perspective on them. They have no reference point outside of who they think they are from which to view themselves.

This is exactly the experience we have when we are focused in ego consciousness. We get upset, but we have no perspective from which to examine the upset. We just know we are upset. We are like a fish in water. The fish cannot describe water because it has no experience of “not-water.” Only the experience of “not-water” allows a fish to describe water. If we don’t have an experience of non-ego, then we have no perspective from which to observe the ego. Once you understand this then you can become your own self-witness. 

You can observe the thoughts, emotions and feelings you are experiencing that are generated by the body-mind, the ego-mind, and the soul-mind: when their needs are being met, and not being met, as well as when they are out of alignment with each other.

Developing your own self witness—getting a perspective on yourself, is essential if you are going to learn how to lead yourself. Being able to stand in the balcony and observe yourself on the dance floor of your life is an essential skill to learn if you are going to successfully achieve personal mastery.


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