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Understanding Your Motivations

The purpose of understanding your motivations is to get very clear about why you do what you do?

For example, why do you go to work each day?  Do you go to work to earn money so you can survive? Do you go to work for the camaraderie? Do you go to work for the sense of authority, status, or power you get? Do you go to work for the challenge of learning and doing new things? Do you go to work to find meaning in your life? Do you go to work to make a difference? Do you go to work to serve humanity?

Each of these motivations corresponds to a different level of consciousness which is a reflection of your needs. Everything we do each day, and every plan we make is in the pursuit of a need.

The seven types of motivations/needs and the psychological strategies we use to satisfy these needs, together with the universal stages of evolution are shown in the following table. (Click on table to enlarge)



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