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Learning to Stay in the Flow

The eleven strategies I am going to describe for staying in the flow and leading a life of fulfilment will seem like a step too far if you are living in a state of anxiety with unmet deficiency needs and unresolved conscious or subconscious fears. One of the indicators of your state of flow is how much energy you have available. You can check this out by doing an energy audit.

You must remember the process of personal evolution is a journey in consciousness. Just because these strategies seem too far-fetched now, does not mean that they are wrong. It just means that they are not right for you yet. All I ask of you is to suspend judgment, and do the work of personal mastery and internal cohesion. When you have done this you will find your perspective will change. You will begin to see the world differently.

Become unbelievably adaptive

Let go of any idea of the way things have to be. These are just your assumptions. Learn to explore what wants to happen. Whatever wants to emerge, and energetically feels right is the right thing to do. Focus on what you have energy for, and let go of anything that does not spark your juices. Go with your inspiration. The most successful people and the most successful companies are unbelievably adaptive. They are not attached to their idea of how things have to be. They are constantly reinterpreting reality.

Surrender to the process of going with the flow

This is hard at the beginning, especially when it means letting go of things that you identify with. However, it is only by letting go that you find the freedom to do what you need to do. You have to become the servant of your soul if you want to fulfil your destiny and experience fulfilment. Surrender, in this situation, does not represent defeat. It represents the victory of the soul over the fears of the ego. Surrender is your pathway for becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of your soul.

Never trick yourself into believing you have the best answer

Forget everything you think you know: it just serves to block your intuition and inspiration. It stops the emergence of new ideas. Knowledge is a two-edged sword. It can be amazingly brilliant at helping you to solve a problem, and it came be amazingly obstructive in getting you to a state where you can think out of the box. What you think you know is a filter you apply to your experience.  Always challenge your assumptions/beliefs. I frequently remind myself, and even state it in front of others, that I don’t know anything. I do this so I can stay open. I know that only when the cup is empty can it be filled: only when you become a void can you be a channel for wisdom to flow through you.

Be at ease with what is

You always give everything that happens in your life all the meaning it has for you. It is hard to believe that everything that happens is neutral. It may feel right or wrong, or good or bad, but from the quantum perspective—from a place without judgment, it is, what it is. It is nothing other than an event or a situation. As long as you know this, and remind yourself of it, then you are free to examine your feelings and emotions from a place of neutrality, and if you have to, allow the meaning you want to give to the event to unfold. So often I have found that what felt like something bad when it happened, turned out to be something really good in the long-term.

Focus on what is in front of you

Do not get distracted. By the time you get to this stage of your evolution you will have become a “powerful” person—someone who attracts the attention, and interest of others; someone that other people want to be near or want to be noticed by. This is a potential ego trap. If you allow yourself to get mesmerized by this attention you will lose your way. You must keep your energies focused on your soul purpose, and your next immediate priority, while allowing yourself quiet time for reflection or meditation so that inspiration can flow. Don’t seek the limelight. Choose your friends carefully. Don’t let them choose you. Increasingly, you will know what to do by following the guidance of your inspiration.

Staying at ease with uncertainty

Sometimes, the best answer to a situation is to do nothing. Just standing back and letting the situation unfold with the energies that are driving it will be the perfect thing to do. Allowing things to fall apart can be a positive strategy. At other times, intervening in a situation is totally the right thing to do. Knowing when to intervene or not is a valuable skill that relies on intuition and inspiration. This means that there will be times when you consciously decide to live with uncertainty. Being able to stay in a place of uncertainty is impossible if your ego is hanging on to fear. The urge to control what is happening is how the ego creates certainty. To live with uncertainty means detaching from your need to get to an outcome. It is amazing to me how so called intractable problems can just disappear over time. Everything is in a state of ebb and flow. Nothing stays fixed. Change is what life is about. When you know this, and embrace it, you are able to choose just the right time for your intervention, or you may find that you need to do nothing because the problem or issue resolved itself. 

Stay unbelievably curious

Never stop asking questions. There are unseen patterns behind everything. You will not be able to find them unless you seek clarity by engaging in constant inquiry. You will be amazed to see patterns building on patterns if you stay in the inquiry. Sometimes the inquiry is never complete. It just keeps getting more profound and at the same time simpler. Simplicity is intimately connected with truth. 

Try to include everything

This follows on from and assists with the previous strategy. Whenever you are considering ways to solve a problem or situation, always bring into the picture everything that is in some way related, even if the relationship at first appears tenuous. This is when patterns and paradigm shifts appear. The more complete the artist’s palette, the more vibrant will be the picture. 

Consider the whole system
Always stay in touch with the bigger picture. Whatever is going on, whatever issues present themselves, ask yourself what is the big picture? What are the needs of the whole system? It is so easy to get stuck in trying to resolve a situation when the situation you are trying to solve is a symptom of a larger problem. There is always a bigger picture to everything. Everything exists in a framework. And, every framework exists inside another framework. There is nothing in our physical world that does not exist within multiple frameworks. What framework are you operating in? How much complexity can you handle? 

Stick to your values
The only way you can maintain your authenticity is to keep using your values in decision-making. Let your values guide your decision-making in everything that you do. Every day when you are faced with a choice, ask yourself, what are the values that you want to use to guide you in this situation. Your values become the needs you are trying to satisfy, and therefore become your motivation. This is not only how you maintain your authenticity, it is also how you live with integrity.

Follow your passion

Whatever shows up in your life as your soul’s purpose, follow it until you die. This is your ticket to fulfilment and your passport to passion. You will quickly realize when you begin to follow your passion there is nothing else for you to do.  


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