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Manifesting Outcomes

Intention, vision and inspiration are the three ways that support us in manifesting in the physical world. Setting an intention, and putting the energy of your beliefs into the outcome you want to achieve is how you manifest from the ego level. When your ego intention is not in alignment with your soul, two things can happen.

You can be successful in getting what you think you want but it turns out to be something that doesn’t serve you in the way you thought it would. When you look back on it, it turns out to be a lesson you needed to learn. We often learn by finding out what we don’t want.

The second option is you never get what you think you want. It just keeps eluding you. Circumstances are such that you cannot make it happen. You don’t get what you want, but you do get what you need—another lesson about getting into alignment with who you really are and becoming adaptable.

When I look back on my life, I realise that I always got what I needed, whether it was what I wanted or not. It was when I realised this that I began to get in alignment with my soul purpose.  

Getting clear on your mission and creating a vision into which you pour your energy and action is how you manifest from the soul level. Developing your mission and vision is cognitive process that also encapsulates your deeply felt motivations. This is part of the process of aligning your ego with your soul. You know you have found your mission and vision when the statements you come up with make you tingle with energy. 

When you become a soul-infused personality—when the ego is fully aligned with the soul—you can let go of your intention, your mission and vision, and simply live from inspiration. When you reach this point you begin to understand that you have no needs: more precisely, whatever needs you may have are automatically filled before you even knew you have them. This is when you know you are in flow and experience the deepest levels of meaning and fulfilment in your life.

You also begin to move past the place where you have wants. You may have desires but they are nothing more than things or situations that you believe might make you feel more comfortable. You know that by following your inspiration you will have everything you need.

When I reflect deeply on such matters, it leads me to believe that we live in a self-correcting universe that is constantly seeking to return to internal stability and external equilibrium at every level of existence. The secret to living a “good” life is to recognise and follow what wants to emerge, and embrace adaptability.

Here are some of things you will experience when you are in alignment with who you really are:

  • A deep sense of meaning
  • A deep sense of gratitude
  • A sense of things happening to you, and through you, rather than being done by you
  • An impersonal sense of your own identity that is at the same time vast and void
  • A sense of flow


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