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Closely associated with the development of your intuition is the noticeable advent of synchronicity in your life.

The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, defined synchronicity as “the coincidence in time of two or more causally unrelated events which have the same meaning.” The concept of synchronicity arose from the merger of quantum theory and psychology.

Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, an Austrian theoretical physicist, collaborated together to show how synchronicity had quantum underpinnings that led to the experience of meaning. When you open yourself to the idea of synchronicity, you find that events in your life over which you have no control are extremely meaningful to you. What is shifting inside you is mirrored in your external world.

As you deepen your level of identification with your soul, you find yourself experiencing more synchronistic events. After awhile, you begin to realize that these “unconnected events with a common meaning” are linked to another dimension of existence and represent the invisible promptings of the soul.

When you are in a flow state (in alignment with your soul), synchronistic events occur extremely frequently. All you have to do is pay attention and notice them. When you pay attention, and learn to interpret these manifestations, you begin to realize that what you are experiencing is soul guidance.

Synchronistic events are clues that take you down a trail that supports you in living out your soul purpose or helps you get closer to understanding your soul’s needs. As you step fully into soul consciousness you will begin to experience joy and inspiration.

The key to unlocking synchronicity in your life and getting into your flow is commitment. Not just dedication to a goal, but complete surrender to your soul purpose. That is when synchronicity begins to guide you.


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