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Deepening Your Self-Connection

Deepening your connection to yourself sounds like more internal cohesion, and it is. However, the purpose of this connection is external—to leverage your impact on the world by becoming even more authentic and extremely focused on your mission.

Usually, by this time in your life, when you are following your soul purpose. You will have begun to realize that your ability to keep on finding deep personal fulfilment through the work you do is as much conditioned by your emotional and mental capabilities, as by your physical capabilities.

Keeping your body in shape and staying healthy becomes increasingly important. You will also want to keep your mind alert and stress free by learning meditation or yoga.

You begin to understand during this stage of your evolution that your body is a vehicle for your soul. You need a high-performance vehicle to support your high-performance soul.

There are three ways in which you develop and deepen your connection to your soul:

  • Intuition: Receiving insight into a situation or knowing something without logical thought.
  • Synchronicity: A coincidence of unconnected events with a related or common meaning.
  • Inspiration: An influence, directly and immediately exerted upon the mind by the soul.


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