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The Evolution of Societal Consciousness

All human group structures, including clans, tribes, communities and nations grow and develop in consciousness in seven well-defined stages.

The following table describes the application of this model to the growth and development of national consciousness. It equally applies to the growth and development of community consciousness. Each level of consciousness represents a different world view. As you progress from one level of consciousness to the next your world view and your sense of identity changes. (Click on table to enlarge)

Seven Levels of National/Community Consciousness

The “lower” needs focus on the basic requirements of nations—protection of borders, safety of individuals, and economic security; a sense of belonging, loyalty and harmonious internal group relationships; and efficient and effective infrastructure, services and systems that create order and protect the rights of all citizens.

These first three levels of consciousness represent a nation’s deficiency needs. They are essential requirements for establishing the internal stability of a nation or a community and creating a foundation for democratic governance. When the leaders of a nation or a community are unable to fulfil these needs the nation or community will be inherently unstable.

The focus of the transformation level of consciousness is on creating governance structures that give all citizens a voice, and guarantee personal freedom and equal opportunities for all.

This stage of development involves a shift from social relationships based on ethnocentric cultures of blood, to social relationships based on cultures of value and meaning. It is only possible to attain this level of consciousness in a nation if there is a shift from belief-based decision-making to values-based decision-making, and the majority of citizens are given opportunities to meet their deficiency needs.

The “higher” needs represent the nation’s growth needs. They are essential requirements for the long-term sustainability of the nation. The upper three levels of consciousness focus on building the resilience of the nation, and its long-term sustainability—developing a climate of trust and internal cohesion (shared vision and shared values); creating mutually beneficial regional alliances with other nations; and collaborating with other nations to improve the global human condition and build a sustainable future for upcoming generations.

The most successful nations will be those that learn how to master their “deficiency” needs and their “growth” needs.

Full Spectrum Consciousness

Full spectrum communities and nations display all the positive attributes of the seven levels of national consciousness.

  • They master survival consciousness by focusing on economic and financial stability, health services for all citizens, and the protection of borders.
  • They master relationship consciousness by focusing on respect for traditions, conflict resolution, and inter-racial and inter-religious harmony.
  • They master self-esteem consciousness by focusing on the establishment of the rule of law and order, provision of infrastructure and services, and efficient institutions of governance.
  • They master transformation consciousness by embracing democratic processes that focus on freedom, equality, and accountability, where adaptability and continuous learning are emphasised at all age groups, and in all sectors of the population.
  • They master internal cohesion consciousness by developing a unique cohesive culture based on a shared vision and shared values that create a capacity for collective action at all levels of society.
  • They master external cohesion consciousness by building strategic regional alliances and partnerships with other like-minded nations focusing on environmental sustainability, and enhancing the quality of life of all citizens.
  • They master service consciousness by focusing on strategic global alliances and partnerships that focus on human rights, social justice, ecological sustainability, future generations, and the evolution of consciousness of humanity.


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