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Internal Stability

A society experiences internal stability when the needs of all the sub groups that make up the society are being met.

In addition, there must be equality and fairness in how the resources that meet these needs are distributed.

If you are a political leader, equality and fairness will be the two main issues your policies and processes will need to address. These values lie at the core of democracy.

Democracy is the best way human beings have so far found for maintaining internal stability in a society. It achieves this purpose by regulating the power of the elites, and promoting the power of the masses.

Democracy is a link in the chain of an on-going social experiment in governance (collective decision-making) that mirrors the evolution of human consciousness. The form in which democracy is practiced in a nation reflects the degree to which the democratic process is manipulated by unsanctioned elites, which in turn is a reflection of the state of evolution of consciousness of the nation.

I am stressing this point—the influence of unsanctioned elites on democratic processes—because this has been, and continues to be, one of the principal sources of internal instability and cultural entropy in nations. It will continue to be an issue until unfairness is eliminated. Cultural entropy is the degree of dysfunction that occurs in a society due to the presence of unmet needs and fear-based behaviours.


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