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Societal Mastery

The focus of the societal mastery component of the New Leadership Paradigm learning system is on creating the conditions that enable the citizens of a community or nation to remove any anxieties they may have about meeting their deficiency needs so they can open themselves up to the process of self-actualization, and thereby explore ways of manifesting their full potential. Ultimately, it is about creating the conditions that support people in leading safe, happy, and fulfilling lives.

Building a viable community or nation involves mastering the first three levels of national consciousness—meeting the basics needs for community living.

  • Becoming economically and financially sustainable, and at the same time ensuring the health, nutrition and safety of citizens and the protection of national borders (Survival Consciousness).
  • Creating systems and processes for the peaceful resolution of conflicts between individuals and ethnically or religiously diverse population subgroups, thereby enabling citizens to live in harmony with each other (Relationship Consciousness).
  • Establishing rules, regulations and laws, together with appropriate enforcement procedures and infrastructure that enable a community or nation to operate in an efficient and productive manner (Self-esteem Consciousness).

The biggest threat to societal mastery comes from the lack of equality and fairness among population subgroups. Wherever you have inequality, unfairness or any form of discrimination in a community or nation, you have the possibility of internal instability.

There are four main areas where inequality and unfairness occur:

  • Ethnic groups
  • Religious groups
  • Classes
  • Gender


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