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Values of Public Leaders

In addition to the seven values that create internal cohesion, public leaders also need to display the following personal values:

  • Caring: To be concerned about the ability of all citizens to meet their needs, and make their well-being a priority in your work.
  • Honesty: To be truthful and frank in all interpersonal communications and public debates. To admit your mistakes.
  • Authenticity: To be consistent and sincere in thought word and action in all situations; private and public, and at all times.
  • Compassion: To connect with, and feel the pain of others, doing everything you can to find ways to alleviate their suffering.

Only when the seven values of democracy (freedom, equality and accountability, and fairness, openness, transparency and trust) are institutionalised into a community or society, and the four personal values (caring, honesty, authenticity, and compassion) are lived by public leaders is it possible to build a strong democratic foundation for internal cohesion.


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Chapter 25: Internal Cohesion in Society