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Shared Vision

In addition to a shared values system, internal cohesion also requires a shared sense of direction for the future development and growth of the community or nation.

It is important that leaders are seen to be focusing their attention on the vision of the future the people of the community or nation want to create.

What is important in setting the vision for a community or nation is to focus on the unmet needs of the different population groups. The political dialogue should focus on the strategies for meeting these needs. 

In a community or national setting it is not so much the vision itself that gets people excited about politics, it is the attention and the priority that the political parties give to the values, and the proposals they have for addressing the electorate’s unmet needs that determines the outcome of an election. 

Therefore, it is important for community and national leaders to understand the underlying values and unmet needs of the different age groups, genders, ethnic and religious groups of all the people in their constituencies by carrying out values assessments.



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Chapter 25: Internal Cohesion in Society