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Measuring Performance

It is relatively easy to measure the consciousness of a community or a nation. It is also relatively easy to use the results of the assessment to start a community-wide or national dialogue on values.

The real value of a community or national values assessment is that the data you get from it starts a conversation that has never taken place before.

It gets people of different backgrounds to transcend their ethnic or religious beliefs and talk about what they share in common—their human values. Discussion based on values tend unite diverse groups, and discussions based on beliefs tend to separate them.

The Cultural Values Assessment also enables you to monitor year by year what is happening in your community or nation.

You are able to monitor the mood changes of every sub group of the population.

You can measure the impact of your policies. By watching what happens to the cultural entropy, and the number of matching personal and current culture values, and the number of matching current and desired culture values, you can gauge their success. 


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