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Nations as Crucibles of Consciousness

We have to recognise that nations are the cultural containers of humanity.

Human individuation requires that individuals break out of their cultural containers (belief structures) in order to self-actualize. You must first become a viable independent entity before you can truly bond with other people who share similar values but may not necessarily share the same beliefs and the same ethnicity. We will never make the concept of humanity palpable until a critical mass of people in each nation individuate and self-actualize.

It is my belief that the primary work of the new paradigm community, national and global leaders is to create the conditions and educational systems that support the evolution of personal consciousness (leading self) in their communities, regions and nations. Our collective future depends on people individuating, self-actualizing, integrating and serving.

In other words, our collective future depends on the evolution of human consciousness.

Without that, we will simply perish in the quagmire of competition based on ego-driven self-interest. Our collective future depends on developing a critical mass of leaders in business, government and society who operate from full-spectrum personal consciousness with self-transforming minds that are committed to serving humanity.


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