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Activating Global Consciousness

What would a self-regulating system of global consciousness look like in practical terms? We only have to look at the human body to find a possible answer.

Humans are composed of cells. Cells are viable independent self-regulating entities that have bonded together to form group structures called organs, which themselves are viable independent entities that cooperate with each other to create a higher order entity—the human being. The mind of the human being does its best to look after the interests of the organs and all the cells of the body, and keep them safe from harm. The cells support the organs and the organs support the body.

If we were to replicate this system at the scale of humanity, this is what it would look like. 

Humanity is composed of human individuals. Human individuals are self-regulating entities that have bonded together to form group structures called nations which themselves are viable independent entities that have agreed to cooperate with each other to create a higher order entity—humanity. The mind of humanity (Global Government) looks after the interests of the nations and all human individuals everywhere and keeps them safe from harm. Human individuals support their nations and their nations support humanity.

These two schemas—the body and humanity—are not exactly the same because there are far more nations on the Earth than organs in the body and they vary greatly in size and population.

However, what is happening around the world is that nations are gradually coming together to form regional groupings for the purpose of economic survival. Thus, the original thirteen States of America joined together to form the United States. Twenty-seven countries of Europe have joined together to form the European Union, and similar initiatives in various forms are also found in The Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia.

The question I ask myself is this. Could these regional groupings become the new super “nations” of the world? My next question is, could these regional groupings send representatives to a democratic institution known as the Global Union of Nations for the purpose of self-regulating humanity, and ensuring freedom, equality and fairness for all members of the human race?

It seems likely a likely outcome based on the universal stages of evolution.

This is exactly what is happening at a regional level. For example, the member countries of the European Union have a common charter based on values. Signing the European Convention on Human Rights is a condition for EU membership, as is the abolition of the death penalty.

Democracies only work when they have a shared human values system. They do not work well if they are based on a single cultural belief system because they find it difficult to embrace diversity.

Democracies also work best when the people that form the nation are encouraged to individuate, and then self-actualize—when individuals become viable and independent (responsible and accountable) within their frameworks of existence, and then align fully with who they are. Similarly, organisations work best when employees are encouraged to individuate and self-actualize—when they become practiced at personal mastery and personal internal cohesion. The same is true of nations.


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