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There are many ways that you can become a leader in a societal context.

You can be a local or national politician; you can be advocate or activist for social change or you can set up or run a charity, an association, a sports team, a study group or support a cause that  improves the human condition. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever you do in a societal context that involves other people will inevitably involve setting up a group or an organisation that will need to be led and managed. If you are involved in leading one of these types of groups, you will not only need to be able to lead yourself, you will also need to know how to lead a team or an organisation.

This module goes beyond the first three modules by helping you to develop a deep understanding of community and societal motivations, and what you as a leader need to know and understand to be effective in leading your community, your nation or a cause that improves the human condition or the sustainability of our natural environment.


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