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Are You Able to Lead an Organisation?

When you listen to grass roots entrepreneurs who made it big in business, they will always tell you that it wasn’t until they began to grow their business that they realized how ill-equipped they were for their role.

There is no school for CEOs. This is a role that the majority of people learn on the job. The wise ones seek a mentor, and a group of experienced advisors, as well as a coach.

My point here is simply that there is no growth path for becoming a CEO. If you have enthusiasm and passion, you can do anything in business. That is what it takes. It also helps if you are a highly adaptable, full spectrum, self-actualized individual, operating with a self-transforming mind.

What you have to be aware of if you plan to start and grow a company is that you do not fall into the founder’s trap. The founder’s trap occurs when you reach the limit of your leadership ability but haven’t been able or are not willing to recognise it. You find yourself out of your depth, and more likely than not, not enjoying your life.

The person who starts an organisation may not the ideal person to run it once it gets going. The skills and capabilities required to get a company started are not the same as the skills and capabilities necessary for managing it once it has reached an appreciable size. Founders are sometimes unable to let go of the reins of power because their identity and passion are too wrapped up in their organisation.


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