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Organisational Mastery

In the leading an organisation module of the New Leadership Paradigm learning system the focus of the organisational mastery component is on building a viable organisation, and supporting employees in finding fulfilment through their work.

The ability to build a viable organisation is dependent to a large extent on the personality, skills and capabilities of the leader of the organisation and the personalities, skills and capabilities of the leadership group.

Building a viable organisation involves mastering the first three levels of organisational consciousness—the basics of business.

  • Becoming financially sound, and at the same time, ensuring the health and safety of your employees.
  • Building employee and customer loyalty through open communication, employee recognition, and customer service.
  • Establishing policies, processes and systems built on best practices that enhance the efficiency, productivity and the performance of your organisation.

In addition, you will need to create a winning strategy that supports your mission and vision, a brand-image that aligns with your culture and a dashboard of indicators to manage the performance of your organisation.


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