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The Leading a Team Workbook

The are twenty-eight exercises in the Leading a Team Workbook. The exercises are organised in such a way as to correspond to the six section headings of the Leading a Team Journal.

Many of the exercises in the Leading a Team Workbook can be self-facilitated. Others will require the services of a facilitator to work with you and your team.


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Sample of Journal/Workbook for Leading a Team with some examples of exercises

My Team's Leadership Journey

  • Exercise 1.1: My Leadership Story
  • Exercise 1.2: My Team's Leadership Story

My Team's Potential

  • Exercise 2.1: My Team's In-flow Days
  • Exercise 2.2: Understanding Each Other (Survey) 
  • Exercise 2.3: My Team's Strengths/Unique Abilities (Survey)
  • Exercise 2.4: My Team's Values/Beliefs/Behaviours
  • Exercise 2.5: My Team's Core Business
  • Exercise 2.6: My Team's Mission/Vision
  • Exercise 2.7: My Team's Espoused Values/Behaviours
  • Exercise 2.8: My Team's Workplace Alignment (Survey)

My Team's Challenges

  • Exercise 3.1: My Team's Out-of-flow Days
  • Exercise 3.2: My Team's Stress Points
  • Exercise 3.3: My Team's Level of Entropy

My Team's Mastery/Performance

  • Exercise 4.1: My Team's Types of Mind
  • Exercise 4.2: My Team's Task Allocation Matrix
  • Exercise 4.3: My Team's Business Mastery Skills
  • Exercise 4.4: My Team's Customer Feedback (Survey)
  • Exercise 4.5: My Team's Strategy/Performance Scorecard
  • Exercise 4.6: My Team's Performance Improvement Actions

My Team's Evolution

  • Exercise 5.1: My Team's Alignment (Survey)
  • Exercise 5.2: My Team's Fulfilment/Engagement (Survey)
  • Exercise 5.3: My Team's Evolution Commitments
  • Exercise 5.4: My Leadership Feedback (Survey)
  • Exercise 5.5: My Coaching Feedback (Survey)
  • Exercise 5.6: My Leadership Evolution Commitments

My Team's Coaching Needs

  • Exercise 6.1: My Team's Personal Evolution Coaching Plan
  • Exercise 6.2: My Team's Professional Evolution Coaching Plan
  • Exercise 6.3: My Team's Performance Coaching Plan