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The Journey

Learning to lead a team will present you with more experiences for learning to lead yourself.

If you have not thoroughly inculcated the leading self component of the evolutionary leadership programme, you will probably find yourself struggling to lead others. The reason you will be struggling is because you will not have mastered your subconscious fears; you will not have uncovered your authentic self, or you will not have found your empathetic core.

Even if you have achieved a significant level of mastery in all these areas, you will still be faced with situations that challenge you: this fact is absolutely guaranteed. That is what life does when you are open to it. It keeps on presenting you with opportunities to take yourself to the next level of your growth.

That is why it is important to learn the personal mastery self-coaching skills presented in the Leading Self learning module. Once you have mastered these skills, they will help you move forward on your evolutionary journey with minimal internal upset: they will help you adapt to the vicissitudes of life so that you can live a stress free life and be happy and enjoy yourself. 

As you begin the journey of learning to lead others, you will find yourself referring back to what you learned in the leading self component and to what you wrote in your leadership journal. This is why I recommended that you create such a journal, and update it regularly, because it will be an invaluable resource for supporting your progress.


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