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Reducing the Entropy in Your Team

Your level of personal entropy will directly impact the level of cultural entropy in your team.

Personal entropy is the amount of fear-driven energy that a person expresses in his or her day-to-day interactions with other people. It is a measure of a lack of personal mastery skills. 

Fear-driven energy arises from the conscious and subconscious fear-based beliefs of the ego. Positive energy arises the soul’s way of being in the world and reflects the values of love and connection.

When the beliefs of the ego are out of alignment with the values of the soul, we lack authenticity. Being able to manage, master or overcome your subconscious fear-based beliefs, and learn to identify your needs, and make requests, will significantly improve the quality of your interactions with your team members.

We measure personal entropy through a feedback instrument known as a Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) or the Leadership Development Report (LDR). Personal entropy is the proportion of votes for potentially limiting values that assessors pick to describe the operating style of a manager or leader they are assessing.

You should also carry out a Cultural Calues Assessment of your team to identify other factors that are contributing to the entropy of your team, as well as an Employee Fulfilment/Engagement survey to find out what you need to do to improve the overall level of engagement of your team.


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