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Getting the Coaching You Need

As a team leader, supervisor or manager, an integral part of your job will be to coach your staff.

You may however need coaching yourself especially if you are finding it difficult to develop your self-coaching skills. You will need to decide what type of coaching you need:

  • Personal evolution coaching/training to support you in becoming all you can become and fulfilling your potential.
  • Professional evolution coaching/training to support you in learning the skills and capabilities required for your specific profession (law, engineering, marketing, advertising, etc.).
  • Performance coaching/training to support you in applying your personal resources and external resources to a project or task to achieve a specific goal or outcome.

Coaching can be delivered on-the-job, on-demand, or in scheduled sessions. Training is always scheduled. On-job coaching means getting the help or support you need where you need it—in your working environment.

On-demand means getting the help or support you need when you need it, wherever you are.

Scheduled means getting the help or support you need at specific times or during specific periods of time which are known in advance.

Coaching should not be confused with mentoring. A coach can be anyone who is skilled in bringing the best out of a person by helping them to think for themselves so they become more aware and more responsible.

A mentor is someone who has held a similar position to the person being mentored and is able to advise them on the day-to-day challenges of their particular role and how to pursue their careers—it is role and career focused.

As you reach the top echelons of management, you may need a mentor, rather than or perhaps in addition to a personal evolution coach.

The following table summarizes the purpose, focus, skills/capabilities, timing, location and characteristics of the three types of coaching, and mentoring.  Most professional coaching is currently delivered through scheduled one-on-one sessions at regular intervals.

 Types of Coaching/Mentoring


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