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Coaching for Personal Evolution

The seven levels of human motivation, also known as the seven levels of consciousness, is one of the principal models of human evolution. It has been used all over the world and in many different contexts for this purpose— from empowering the aboriginal communities of Australia, and helping the unemployed get back to work in The Netherlands, to providing a framework for parenting and adoption: the model is ubiquitous in its application. It is ubiquitous because it addresses the motivations that are at the core of the human experience. 

Your first task as a coach is to find out where people are situated on the conscious model, and where they are situated on the spectrum of mind evolution—socialized mind, self-authoring mind, or self-transforming mind. If you can identify where they are on the consciousness model, this will give you some insights as to where they are in their mind evolution.

One of the best tools to use in this regard is the Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) or the Leadership Development Report (LDR) provided by the Barrett Values Centre. It provides feedback from subordinates and peers on the operating values of the person you are coaching, and helps them understand which levels of consciousness they are operating from. Once you can position a person on the model you understand where they are in their evolution.


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