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Coaching for Performance

Most performance coaches use the GROW model for their coaching sessions. GROW stands for:

  • Goal setting: Based on what ground the individual wants to cover, and the outcomes they want to achieve, determine the goals for the session.
  • Reality checking: Determine what the individual believes is his or her current level of performance with regard to the topic being discussed.
  • Explore Options: Explore and identify choices to get from the current reality to the goal or new level of performance they are trying to achieve.
  • What to do: Based on the choices available, decide on the next steps: what to do—when, where, and with whom.

I would also recommend, before setting goals that you discuss with the individual:

  • What underlying need the individual is trying to satisfy with regard to the issue being covered.
  • What fears may be getting in their way.
  • What needs other people involved may have, and what fears they may be feeling and why.

The goals should follow the acronyms SMART, PURE, CLEAR; meet the needs and overcome the fears of the individual; and if appropriate meet the needs of others, and address their fears. (Click table to enlarge)

Defining Goals


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