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External Cohesion

There are two aspects to external cohesion. The first facilitates the second.

  • Deepening your connection to your team
  • Managing the relationships the team has with other parts of the organisation and/or its external stake holders

Your job as the leader of others is to grow and develop your people. This is not only the best recipe for business success; it is the best strategy to adopt if you want to get promoted yourself.

As you progress through the hierarchical levels of management your ability to grow and develop your people will become increasingly important. When employees see that you are a people-focused person, you will never have a problem attracting the most talented people to your team.

Your success as a leader of people is about creating the conditions that make everyone in your team a success. In this regard, your challenge is to become a servant-leader—someone who facilitates the work of team members by making sure all their needs are met.


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