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The Way Forward

Ultimately, the problems of existence we face are issues of consciousness, and the crisis we face is a crisis of leadership. We will only get beyond this stage of our collective evolution if we can put aside our narrow self-interest, focus on the whole system, and build a values-driven framework of policies that support the common good.

Our business leaders need to step up to this challenge. Business needs to be seen as part of the solution, not part of the problem. Business needs to set an example—to identify, develop, and promote leaders who display positive self-interest with regard to the organisation, but do so within a framework of overarching policies that supports the common good of our global society and its life support systems.

The leaders of our organisations need to recognise that business is a wholly owned subsidiary of society, and society is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment. Business can only thrive and prosper in a world where people live at peace with each other, and where we all live in harmony with the planet. If the life support systems of our planet are not preserved, not only will our human society perish, but our economy will disintegrate too. Building a sustainable future for everyone is not just societal imperative, it is business imperative too.

Unlike all other creatures, humans are aware that they are aware. We have the ability to understand ourselves. This means that we have an amazing possibility in front of us that never existed at any time in the past. We have the ability to make the evolution of our consciousness conscious, both individually and collectively.


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