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Inspiration-Based Decision-Making

Inspiration is the way you receive soul-based promptings into your mind. Inspiration is always very personal and directive. It is about what you need to do. It is a persistent thought that will not go away or it is the next step you have to take in a soul-centred activity. It will keep prompting you to take action until you do something about it. The purpose of inspiration is to support you in fulfilling your soul purpose.

Inspiration is different to intuition. Intuition is non-directive. Intuition is an idea or insight that apparently arises from nowhere at any specific moment that provides a solution to a problem. Intuition can best be described as a “eureka” moment, whereas inspiration is best described as guidance for staying in a state of “flow.”

When you keep receiving a soul-driven persistent thought about an action or direction you need to take, and you do not follow this directive, there will eventually be emotional consequences.

Depression arises from a lack of alignment of your ego motivations with your soul motivations. When the needs of the ego are given precedence of the needs of the soul over a long period of time, you will begin to feel the symptoms of melancholy and then depression.

The principal characteristics of inspiration-based decision-making are as follows:

  • The thought appears to arise from nowhere
  • The thought is persistent
  • The thought is linked to actions that you need to take
  • There are consequences for not following your inspiration.


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