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Leadership Development for Everyone

If we are to meet the urgent global need for a new leadership paradigm, we have to find ways of “democratising” leadership development by making it affordable and accessible to everyone in the world who has the desire to improve themselves and make a contribution to the future of humanity.

At the moment, leadership development is an exclusive privilege of the elites. It is the reserve of the rich and successful—you either need tens of thousands of dollars to attend a University course or you need to be working in a large corporation to have access to leadership development training.

This Web site and the New Leadership Paradigm Learning System is my attempt to bring leadership development to the masses—to anyone and everyone who has the desire to find their leader within.

The cost of a license to use the learning system is affordable to almost everyone who lives in a modern economy. If you live in difficult circumstances in a developing country, and you cannot afford the book and the learning modules, we will send you a downloadable version of the text book (The New Leadership Paradigm), and the leadership journals and workbooks free.


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