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The New Leadership Paradigm is one that embraces the global common good rather than individual self-interest.
First and foremost, you must be able to lead yourself before you can lead others.
You don't need followers to be a leader; you just need to be able to face and overcome your fears.
The shift from "I" to "We" requires leaders to put the interest of their organisation ahead of their own self-interest.
A new paradigm supersedes an old paradigm when the old paradigm is no longer workable.
It is time that our business leaders stopped seeking to be the best in the world, and started seeking to be the best for the world.
What is being called forth in business and politics is a global paradigm shift. A shift from a world focused on self-interest, to a world focused on the common good.
We can only succeed individually if everyone in our global society succeeds.
Organisations are living entities: They are human group structures that operate like complex, adaptive systems-just like all other living entities.
The most resilient organisations have a strong alignment of values and a shared commitment to the vision or mission of the organisation among all employees.
Leaders need to know how to build adaptable organisations.
Adaptability is the corner stone of resilience, and the most essential quality for long-term sustainability and evolution.
The problems of existence we face are issues of consciousness, and the crisis we face is a crisis of leadership.
Building a sustainable future for everyone is not just societal imperative it is a business imperative too.
Business needs to be seen as part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Business is a wholly owned subsidiary of society, and society is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment.
The shift from "I" to "We" is the central principle responsible for 14 billion years of successful evolution.
Bonding and cooperation are the two strategies that lie at the core of adaptation, without which evolution would never have occurred.
Bonding and cooperating enable entities and group structures to increase their collective level of awareness and intelligence.
Most dictionaries define "leader" as someone at the head or top of group of people or a movement.
A true leader is someone who has the courage to face their fears; challege the way things are; risk everything for the cause they believe in, and do all that with no regard for personal gain.
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